Blank verse

Family farm—ℜ—Seeking—ℜ— Coach—ℜ— Alzheimer’s —ℜ— My father’s pump—ℜ—Baptism and benediction on the Brule—ℜ—Stopping by the cider mill—ℜ—Fishing for something deeper—ℜ— Spring calf—ℜ—Whispers—ℜ—The hunt—ℜ—Thanksgiving Day —ℜ— Season’s end—ℜ— Firewood—ℜ—Graduation day—ℜ— Lilies of the field—ℜ—A winter dream—ℜ—The view from the grave —ℜ—The river—ℜ—A quiet light—ℜ—Hunting pheasant—ℜ— Fishing in the fog—ℜ— For my mother—ℜ— Letting go—ℜ— Love song—ℜ—A journey’s end—ℜ—Sacred spring—ℜ— Communion —ℜ— Beauties —ℜ— Night studies —ℜ— Being dad —ℜ— Thanksgiving prayer—ℜ—The way—ℜ—Betrayal —ℜ— Just for us